My Ass is Falling off…


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  1. Josh posted on 01/31/2011 at 6:02 am | Permalink

    I first got wasted when I was still in dipers. Sorry about spelling bare with me . Any how I smoked pot or at lest had it blown in my face by one or two of my three older sisters .I was Alwes a good kid or good at. Not getting found out by the peoplearound my .I got to see both sides of growing up from liven in the back of a truck on the side of the road with one pair of pants to go to school in to later on around 5 grad my mom got with my step dad .he was clean and a dame good man but my mom was not you see drugs were exspected not exsepted in my life. I seen meth around. The 2grade for some reson I fell in love with asid and in the corse of abiuta year I had taken more LSD then most 9 people put together by the end of the LSD trip I was a GUI time drinker triper snorter and I found out I was good at something for the first time .so I decided to run with it . So in the13 or so years since then I manly did alote of meth sometimes shall to two a day selling some from time to time to get mine witch put me in prison and that. Is when I hit me that was the first time I had been strate in years.even thought I had the best intenshons on staying clean I can’t now I have a person oin my life that I love and who makes me fill loved she is strate and I can fill her slipping away so once more in my life dop is destroying me .I have plans a place to get away to with some friend that is clean now to help me come down .just the thought of that is feeling me out . I don’t know if I can do it but I ask any One who took the time to read this poorly spelled posting of mine lisonto the thangs in your heart and keep god at your side because if you are hooked on meth the fighting it off is never ending. Please ray for me as I pray for you’d together let us have the strength to see this battle through. Thank you

  2. rob S. posted on 05/28/2011 at 6:20 am | Permalink

    Uh…yeah. I’m gonna “ray” for you…