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Still Alive, Still Meth Free!

I’m Back….

Well, It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here at Tweekerland; I got a wild hair so to speak (driven by a desire to write, and by the receipt of a nice new desktop computer. The PC I had been using crashed long ago, and so did I.)
On 1/1/11, I lost my [...]

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My Ass is Falling off…

But it’s clean.
I haven’t posted anything for a very long time because I have been very busy; I have not been working, and I have been away more than I have been at home. What I have been doing is staying at my parents house to help care for my mother whose cancer has now reached [...]

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More Gratitude

I found this little flower walking along a local reservoir a few months ago. We took my mom up to go see the flowers, the lake, the mountain views, and the huge waterfall.
Along our way we found this just growing there. As we looked closely, there were more and more and more – and a [...]

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Pretty Dumb.

Well, after all the morning drama, I went off to work. The cool thing was, the Sheriff’s dispatcher kept calling me to see where I was, how I was doing… and if I was going home after work (Since they were going to keep hubby behind bars, it was safe.) I thought to myself (And [...]

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Back to the “Drugalog…”

Keeping this brief, I’m going to jump to the part where the police have taken my husband away from my cute little cabin. I’m gonna jump ahead to the part where people at work suspect there is something not quite right about me – but, as usual, I do a pretty good job, so they [...]

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I don’t have a lot of time today.

Be grateful for what you do have. Be grateful today, even though today is a hard day for all of us (I think every day presents challenges and gifts – be grateful for both.)
Share what you have – it will come back to you ten fold in time. [...]

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Crushed Ice?

You know, since last August or so, Life has been fairly PRESSURED for me. Pressured in that my Mother has cancer and the prognosis is poor. Pressured in that finances have been cut down considerably, in that one adult (Stoner) child finally moved out so that the older one could move immediately in behind him. [...]

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  So today, I don’t feel like getting high.
Does that mean that I am cured – that I am not an addict anymore because I haven’t used meth (Or, as a matter of fact, gotten high on ANYTHING) for more than six years?
Some people think “Yes,” this means I am recovered.
I do not believe that [...]

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Dry Ice – Living Clean

I’m going to do some writing about living clean – living without being high – about living life without having to use dope to deal with my life.

Life throws us all some curve balls. Life isn’t easy – recovery does NOT promise us an easier life, just a better way to cope with the problems [...]

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Wherever I go, there I am.

We shared a condo with a lady and her baby.  Paul, my dog Moe, and  I lived in the upstairs portion, and we all shared the kitchen.  I had a new job at a local hospital, no one there knew about my history, what I had done, or much else except my name.  At the [...]

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