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05/14/2010 – 8:54 pm

  So today, I don’t feel like getting high.
Does that mean that I am cured – that I am not an addict anymore because I haven’t used meth (Or, as a matter of fact, gotten high on ANYTHING) for more than six years?
Some people think “Yes,” this means I am recovered.
I do not believe that [...]

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Dry Ice – Living Clean

05/06/2010 – 3:52 pm

I’m going to do some writing about living clean – living without being high – about living life without having to use dope to deal with my life.

Life throws us all some curve balls. Life isn’t easy – recovery does NOT promise us an easier life, just a better way to cope with the problems [...]

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Wherever I go, there I am.

05/05/2010 – 9:06 pm

We shared a condo with a lady and her baby.  Paul, my dog Moe, and  I lived in the upstairs portion, and we all shared the kitchen.  I had a new job at a local hospital, no one there knew about my history, what I had done, or much else except my name.  At the [...]

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