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Posted in Speed Bump on 08/01/2010 – 11:16 pm
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Well, after all the morning drama, I went off to work. The cool thing was, the Sheriff’s dispatcher kept calling me to see where I was, how I was doing… and if I was going home after work (Since they were going to keep hubby behind bars, it was safe.) I thought to myself (And probably told people, too,) “How cool is that? The sheriff’s department keeps calling me and keeping me advised of “His” status, he isn’t getting out… and they asked how I was doing, too.” I wasn’t really doing all that great, though, and went to a friends house to drink (Since she was, in my world, a “Normie” since she didn’t use meth or smoke weed or any of THAT sort of thing.) Work let me out of there early, so I went over to my friends house and cried into some kind of Vodka or something. Vodka. That’s harsh (For me it is.)

See, here’s the thing. The Dispatcher wanted me to let her know where I was “Just in Case” anything changed, which I thought was so nice… so I called them up and let them know where I was, and when I’d go home. I did go home, I was depressed, and had mixed feelings about all of this stuff. I let the dispatcher know I was home now and she told me he would not be released and was going to be going to be leaving on some out of county warrants. 

He was gone now… and I got one of his shirts and held it and cried on the couch. My poor daughter (About 17 at this time) came home because we had quite a blizzard outside and she didn’t want to wait too long to trudge through the snow to get home. She’s a good kid (Still is – just not a kid anymore,) and sat with me for a minute and went into her room.  I want to say more about my kids, but not now.

After a while, there was a knock at the door, which always meant my daughter had a friend over or it was just one of my friends, so she answered it. I was in my pajamas wearing hubbys huge flannel shirt, hugging a different one.

“Mommy, the Sheriff is here…”

Why would they send someone all the way up the mountain in a BLIZZARD just to talk to me about Paul?

To make a long story short… did any of YOU know that you don’t really have to be home to be charged with felony possession of meth… it just has to be in your house? In your underwear drawer?

I didn’t… I found out that night, though. I also found out a lot about humiliation (Verses Humility,) Fighting a battle I could NEVER win (Verses Surrendering to Win,) and having no power (Verses being Powerless.)

… I also learned that sitting in the back of a cop car handcuffed going downhill in a whiteout REALLY sucks.

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