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Posted in Dry Ice on 08/01/2010 – 11:54 pm
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I found this little flower walking along a local reservoir a few months ago. We took my mom up to go see the flowers, the lake, the mountain views, and the huge waterfall.

Along our way we found this just growing there. As we looked closely, there were more and more and more – and a variety of different flowers that we had missed too. We overlooked the little things that can make a day so beautiful – just for a little while, though – because we were so focused on the negative dark cloud that came to the reservoir with us (My Mom has lung cancer.)  After we started to focus on the beauty, soon we began to actively seek out the beauty purposefully, and what a great day we had.

When it was enough for my mom, it was enough. That was a few months ago and she got worn out, but we all had a grateful day because she was THERE.

Today I am grateful because she is doing pretty good. She isn’t out of the woods… but then, maybe none of us are if you think hard enough. She is feeling OK today, and I am SO grateful.

Enjoy and be grateful for the beauty of today. It will help keep you out of the bag. My friend told me the other day that some days he remembers he has thumbs, and says he is just grateful for that (Those must be his tough days.)

Enjoy today. Find one thing you are grateful for. If you are reading this on 8/2/10, know I am having the roots of my teeth scraped or dynamited or something… doesn’t sound fun.

And be grateful you’re not me… and I’ll be grateful I get to keep my teeth.

I love you Mom.

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  1. raquel posted on 08/26/2010 at 8:50 am | Permalink

    looking 4-ward to hearing how all is goin,,,xoxox